Saturday, May 17, 2014

Aborakon @ Games Bavaria Vernissage 2014

The Aborakon booth at the Games Bavaria Vernissage 2014 in Munich.
Visitors had the chance to play the latest prototype featuring 1vs1 hot seat turn-based combat...
... on the beach!
The guys from Fairytale Distillery showing their PvP Sandbox MMORPG Das Tal.
In the latest Aborakon build was also the new distance system included, giving the player an easier overview about the weapons and their range.
Several hundred (someone said over 500?) visitors took the chance yesterday to check out Munich's local game development scene.
Young folks brooding over big pixels and their function.
Next to the Aborakon booth: Glasses by Bit2Good, a crazy side scroller about a steampunk wheelchair with great artwork by Sarah, one of the Item Shop ladies. On the right you can see a lonely laptop running stuff about the upcoming action RPG Sacred 3.
On stage: Robin, Community Manager from Werk1, talking about importance of games. On display: Knight's armor to heavy for Scotch tape.
More visitors trying out pixel combat stuff.
Visitors exploring the flowchart plot "explaining" the rules of combat.
It was a great pleasure having so many people around playing the protoype. Lots of valuable feedback!